Steering and Suspension Repair Services in St. Jacobs, ON

Steering and Suspension Repair Services

Steering is integral to your automobile for obvious reasons. Your suspension is also critical, otherwise every drive you take will feel uncomfortably bumpy and damage your vehicle. But what some people don’t know is that the steering and suspension are intrinsically connected.

If you’ve been searching, “steering suspension repair”, “steering repair St. Jacobs”, “suspension repair near me”, or something similar, we at TQ Auto Care can help. This article explains what you need to know about steering and suspension repair and maintenance.

“Can I get steering and suspension repair near me in St. Jacobs?”

You can! At TQ Auto Care, we are happy to offer steering and suspension repair to drivers in the St. Jacobs region. But how do we repair and maintain automotive steering and suspension systems?

What does your vehicle’s suspension do?

Your car’s suspension system connects the wheels to the body of the vehicle. The suspension is essentially a system of linkages, springs, and shock absorbers. Suspension does much more than provide a smooth ride though. Without a suspension system, there wouldn’t be any relative motion between the wheels and the rest of the vehicle. So, if your vehicle’s suspension isn’t working, your vehicle isn’t working.

Signs of a faulty suspension system

A good suspension system can make driving over small bumps unnoticeable and driving over large bumps safer and more comfortable. Even so, all these bumps, potholes, and divots take a toll. They can cause your suspension system, wheels, and axles to fall out of alignment.

If you’ve noticed uneven tire wear, then there’s a good chance that there’s something wrong with your suspension. A functioning suspension evens out the weight of your vehicle onto all four wheels. If it’s out of alignment, one or more tires will be carrying significantly more weight, wearing their treads down quicker. Noticeably bumpier rides are also common suspension problem symptoms. And bad suspension systems can also cause steering problems.

Suspensions and steering

Your car’s suspension system connects to your steering. If it’s getting harder to steer, even with power steering, then there may be something wrong with your suspension. This is because your suspension is a big part of what keeps your wheels aligned while offering a comfortable ride. If your suspension can’t absorb impacts properly, then your wheels and axles can get jostled out of place, making it harder to steer.

TQ Auto Care for Steering and Suspension Repair in St. Jacobs

Because your vehicle’s suspension goes through a lot, we at TQ Auto Care offer steering and suspension maintenance, repair, and realignment services in St. Jacobs. Our skilled mechanics can examine every part of your suspension system, including ball joints, shocks, and linkages.

If we find a part that’s damaged, we can replace it. We always pay close attention to suspension struts because they absorb impacts, just like shock absorbers. However, struts also support the chassis, so they’re a common stress point.

Come to TQ Auto Care in St. Jacobs

There’s no need to keep searching for a steering and suspension repair shop if you’re in or near St. Jacobs. Just come to TQ Auto Care or contact us to book an appointment! We can provide any steering, suspension, alignment or other routine maintenance service you need. To learn more about automotive steering and suspension, please contact us.

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