The Benefits of Auto Repair Financing

Unexpected auto repair jobs can be pretty expensive, so you must always be prepared for when they may happen.

The average driver spends about $750 per year on car maintenance, and that’s not including unexpected extensive repairs, which can increase the costs significantly.

Regardless of what car you have or how much you spend on it, there will be a point when your vehicle needs repairs.

So how can you be more prepared if a big car problem arises?

You can’t predict it precisely because there are lots of variables in play, and these things can happen unexpectedly. You could take your vehicle to routine checks, but even that doesn’t ensure you get a fully functional car 100% of the time.

Truth be told, at some point, you will face a sudden breakdown, and if you can’t afford to pay for an emergency repair, your best bet is auto repair financing.

Auto repair financing is much easier to get than a regular loan, and you can use it in most auto repair shops to get your vehicle back in shape.

Let’s go over the major benefits of auto repair financing in the following few lines.

Major Benefits of Auto Repair Financing

Here’s what you need to know about auto repair financing:

  • Quick approval: Regular loans take ages to get approved, and you can’t wait that long in case of an emergency repair. Fortunately, auto repair financing gets approved exceptionally quickly.
  • High approval rate: Another good thing about these loans is that the approval rate is extremely high. In most cases, about 90% of the customers are approved on the spot.
  • Applies to most auto repairs: It doesn’t matter if your suspension, tires, or engine broke down. You can use the loan to finance any issue with your vehicle.
  • No hidden fees: Most small ‘’cash advance’’ loans are not worth it with their predatory rates. Some loans impose huge annual percentage rates on applicants, forcing them to pay anywhere from 200% and 780% in interest. On the other hand, auto repair financing has much lower rates (anywhere from 10% to 36%), and there are no hidden charges, application fees, or additional costs.

Now, after you decide where to get your auto repair loan, you need to find a professional and reliable auto repair shop to get your vehicle repaired as fast as possible.

TQ Autocare is your go-to auto repair shop in St. Jacobs, ON if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable, and fast service for your vehicle. We have a team of certified and seasoned mechanics that will help you through every step of the repair process to ensure you understand what’s being done to your car.

TQ Autocare offers a wide variety of services, such as tires, vehicle diagnostics, and wheel alignments.

So, if you have an emergency with your vehicle and need it repaired quickly and professionally, call us now and book an appointment. We even offer a shuttle service to drive you home or to work, so it is convenient for you, and you don’t have to waste a day sitting in a repair shop.

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