Car Oil Change in Kitchener, ON

Car Oil Change

Here’s Why a Routine Vehicle Oil Change Is Crucial

You likely spent quite a bit of money to purchase your car. If that is so, you don’t want its engine to break down and spend thousands of dollars repairing it. And no matter how expensive or modern your vehicle is, you need to change the oil routinely if you want to avoid engine issues.

Typically, after 5,000 to 7,000kms is when it is recommended that you take your car to a shop for an oil change. But these numbers are just estimates, and they heavily depend on what brand, type, and driving style you have.

Although changing your vehicle’s oil is common knowledge for most drivers, most of them tend to overlook this aspect and do not get an oil check for years. Failing to bring your car infor regular oil maintenance can severely damage your vehicle in the long run, leading to more money out of your pocket.

Why You Should Get an Oil Change

Oil is an essential component ofyour vehicle’s overall health and functionality, and there are multiple reasons why you should get it checked routinely.

For starters, if you are someone who has to drive long distances frequently, gas mileage and the quality of oil go hand-in-hand. When you change your oil consistently, you will help your vehicle maintain optimal gas mileage, which means you will save a lot of money in the long run, especially when gas prices are as high as ever.

Secondly, changing your vehicle’s oil will help your engine be in top-notch condition. Oil changes can help reduce and remove any excess dirt that can build up in your engine from use. Not to mention that without a proper oil change near you, there is a high risk of sludge build-up, which will significantly decrease your engine’s efficiency.

Consistent oil changes will also extend the overall life of your engine, making your car more valuable if you decide to sell it. In fact, one of the first things buyers check is the engine’s condition, as a poorly maintained engine will devalue your car immensely. When your engine is maintained correctly, it will last for a long time.

But the most essential aspect of an oil change is that you need to find expert technicians to perform it correctly and you also need quality oil for your car. Ask our talented team at TQ Autocare in Kitchener about what oil is best suited to your particular vehicle.

Contact TQ Auto Care For Car Oil Change in Kitchener, ON

TQ Autocare is the logical solution if you are looking for a professional and high-quality auto repair shop to change your oil in Kitchener, ON. We have a team of seasoned mechanics that will help you with your oil needs.

On top of that, TQ Autocare also offers a wide variety of services, such as tires, vehicle diagnostics, and wheel alignment in Kitchener, ON.

If you want to know whether your car needs an oil change, call us today to book an appointment at our auto shop in Kitchener.

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