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Are Goodyear Tires a Good Choice for your Vehicle?

Not all tires are created equal. In fact, your tire choice can make a whole lot of a difference when it comes to both performance and safety.

Since your vehicle’s tires are the only part of the vehicle in contact with the ground, it is essential that you pick an excellent quality set of tires. High-quality tires will not only ensure your car has better gas mileage, drive better, and go faster, but they will also keep you and your family safe.

And if you are looking for high-quality tires, Goodyear tires are the world’s largest tire company for good reason.

Why Goodyear Tires are Great

Goodyear brand has been an innovator in the tire industry for well over a hundred years now. New inventions and groundbreaking improvements in the tire industry originated from Goodyear more often than not, and that level of innovation filters down to the everyday consumer too. This means that one of the major benefits of Goodyear tires is their cutting-edge technology.

This advanced technology led Goodyear’s tires to have incredible road traction in both wet and dry conditions. Not to mention the stability and responsiveness to steering that you will notice, as well as excellent tread wear to mileage.

Treadwear to mileage is an important stat that most people overlook. While Goodyear tires might cost a little more than your regular tires, they will last a lot longer and provide incredible safety features for you and your family. Our tire specialists at TQ Autocare in Kitchener are ready to help you select the best tires for the weather and for your specific vehicle.

When it comes to your car, safety should always be your number one priority. And of the most significant benefits of Goodyear tires is the thorough nature of the company’s tire safety testing. At TQ Autocare in Kitchener, ON, we ensure that all our Goodyear tires are assessed and ready for use.

All Goodyear tires undergo at least fifty tough tests by the company’s engineers to measure handling and braking in wet and dry conditions, durability, aquaplaning, traction, high-speed stability, and noise.

On top of that, Goodyear has an incredibly vast tire selection. No matter what vehicle you drive, Goodyear likely has the tire that you need. Plus, Goodyear is one of the best-rated tire manufacturers online by drivers and has an average rating score of 4.5/5, which is an incredible result considering the sheer amount of clients Goodyear has every year.

In conclusion, Goodyear is one of the best and possibly most well-known tire manufacturers in the industry. Goodyear sponsors many professional drivers and even makes tire sets for Formula 1 cars.

But if you want to equip your vehicle with Goodyear tires, you need to find a professional tire shop near you to do the job.

TQ Autocare in Kitchener, ON, has become the go-to tire shop for many of our clients because of the quality of service provided and affordable prices. On top of that, we have a team of professionals to help you with all your tire questions here at our shop. We will show you why Goodyear tires are our go-to tire.

TQ Autocare offers a wide variety of services, such as tires, vehicle diagnostics, and wheel alignment in Kitchener.

Contact us today to book an appointment to equip your vehicle with a high-quality set of Goodyear tires right from our shop here in Kitchener.

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