Where To Go For A Tire Change In Waterloo

Where To Go For A Tire Change In Waterloo

If you’re looking to change your tires in Waterloo, this article will tell you the benefits of tire changes, and how often to change your tires.

Where To Find A Tire Change Shop?

If you live in the Waterloo area and you’re looking for a tire change, you can come to TQ Auto Care. We’d be happy to change your tires for you. We can install brand new tires for you, perform a seasonal tire changeover, or provide other tire services, such as tire rotation or tire balancing.

Why Are Tire Changes Necessary?

While your car might be roadworthy for 11, 12, or even 20 years, your tires can’t last that long (assuming you use your vehicle regularly). That means, over the course of your car’s lifespan, you’ll need to change your tires multiple times. And really, you should change your tires multiple times every year.

Changing To Snow Tires

In Waterloo, it gets cold. While you might think it doesn’t get truly cold until January, your tires probably disagree. Some call them “snow tires”, but this term is a bit inaccurate. For tires, the cold is perhaps more of an impediment than the snow.

It’s wise to change to winter or all-weather tires before mid-November. All-season tires and summer tires can’t grip the road properly in temperatures as warm as seven degrees celsius. At this temperature, the rubber compounds stiffen and can’t offer the traction you need. Both winter tires and all-weather tires can handle much colder temperatures.

Changing To All-Season Or Summer Tires

Driving on all-weather or winter tires all year isn’t a safety hazard, but it’s inadvisable. It can reduce your gas mileage and misalign your wheels. Over time, you can save money by switching to all-season or summer tires in warm weather. There are also summer tires for hot weather. These are typically high-performance tires. Summer tires are especially good for luxury vehicles.

Change Your Tires When The Treads Wear Out

You can do everything right, but eventually your tire treads will wear out. Tire longevity varies depending on how deep the treads are, where you drive, and how often. However, most tires last for 60,000km–100,000km. After that, it’s time for a tire change.

Damaged Tires

If your tire sustains a deep puncture or a rupture, you will need to change it immediately. Some drivers are comfortable putting on their own spare, but if you’re not, or you don’t have a spare, or if more than one of your tires is damaged, you can come to TQ Auto Care. We’d be happy to change your tires for you.

And sometimes it’s just time for a change. Your tires might be in good condition, but if they’re just not offering you the performance you want, change them! At TQ Auto Care, we have a wide array of tire models and tire brands available.

Come To TQ Auto Care For A Tire Change

There’s no need to keep searching for a tire change shop in Waterloo. Come to TQ Auto Care and we can provide tire service or any other automotive services you need. To learn more about tire changeovers, please contact us.


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